Our vineyard is located 5 km away from José Ignacio, a small fisherman’s town where the Atlantic Ocean prints special characteristics to the territory.

The refreshing wind from the shores contrasts high summer temperatures allowing grapes to achieve a smooth ripening.

The high sand content of our soil generates an excellent drainage for the heavy autumn rains giving every grape a unique taste that you can find in our wine.


The vineyards design is a tribute to José Ignacio, honoring the sunlight and the ocean richness.

34" 47' 58.9"S 58" 47' 58.9"W
Luz Wines2023

RED: Tannat - Tempranillo
ROSÉ: Tempranillo - Chardonnay

LUZ is what I found in this corner of the world … as bright as the sun.

Located 5km away from Jose Ignacio, cooled by the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and nestled in sandy soils that help to have very good drainage, our vineyard pays homage to this light.

And this long-awaited first harvest of our wine is a true reflection of this terroir, with a lot of character and freshness, good body and aromatic complexity.


Our ondulated designed olive plantation completes Luz’s unique landscape. Enjoy our Coratina and Arbequina exquisite blend.